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About us

We are Anetor & Associates.

"We strive to ensure our buildings are Functional, Contextual, Expressive and Innovative"

At Anetor + Associates, the process by which we collaborate with our clients to achieve their design is as important as the end result. The ability to listen well-without preconceptions-and communicate clearly are perhaps our most important tools. Within this framework, our design approach centers on three overlapping issues: the intelligent use of the site; the creative resolution of client’s program; and the concern for the client’s budget and schedule. Intertwined with the resolution of these pragmatic issues is the less tangible yet equally important goal of producing an attractive project that reflects our client’s aspirations, and is a fitting public structure for the larger community.

While good design is often associated merely with appearance, we strongly believe it is imperative that architecture innovate, synthesize, and reflect larger ideas and convey meaning to the user and society.  We are also committed to the principle that buildings should be responsible contributions to the environment.

Team Leads



Architecture plays an important role in inspiration and enhancement of the environment in which we live and work in. We are a strong team of creative designers, who bring our diverse experiences to every project we work on. Through our integrated work approach we create designs that address the specific needs and identities of the intended users, integrating cultural context and lasting value.
We work closely with our clients to achieve a detailed and thorough understanding of key areas such as society, culture, technology and functionality of the projects.

We also pride ourselves on forming and maintaining strong and respectful relationships with subcontractors, all of whom have a common goal to meet, which is to exceed and deliver on and beyond our client’s vision.


We at Anetor + Associates believe that architectural responses should not only focus on the exterior but also focus on the interior in order to stimulate and support the user’s physical, psychological and mental needs by making these spaces relevant technically, socially, culturally and environmentally. In order to offer a more unique perspective in the development of designs, we employ a diverse range of talented individuals.

We provide comprehensive Interior Design services varying in scale, complexity and type of the project. Our services include: Space planning, interior landscape and Graphics Design for Residential, Commercial, Office, Educational, Cultural, Recreational, Hospitality, and Healthcare Facilities.


Since visualization focuses on the primary means of communication, and also provides additional information, we help our clients envision a better future and get there successfully. We help them leverage design’s power by generating innovative solutions that effect real transformation.

Project Management

Since every building or scheme is unique, design teams are handpicked and services are tailored to meet the very specific requirements. From the intimate and even avant-garde to the epic and more commercially driven, each project is led by a Project Manager.

We provide complete project and construction management for all types of work, inclusive of: commercial, residential, educational, mixed-use & infrastructure / environmental projects.